How to setup Brother Printer using a wireless network?

Brother printer wireless setup wizard

This article will provide you with the necessary details of Brother Printer wireless setup wizard so that you do not come across any problem while connecting your Brother machine using a wireless network. The first task required in the process is to locate the wireless network settings of your wireless router or access points, and only then you can carry on with the process.

Brother printer wireless setup wizard

Brother printer wireless setup wizard

  1. After locating your wireless router, connect the power cord which is connected to the electrical socket to your Brother Printer.
  2. Turn your Brother Printer “ON”.
  3. On the Printer’s control panel, tap the “Menu” button.
  4. To select the “Network”, press the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys and tap “OK” after making your choice.
  5. Again press the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys in order to select the “Setup wizard” and then tap “OK”.
  6. When you see “WLAN Enable?” on the display, tap “Yes” to enable the wireless network. This will start the Brother Printer wireless setup wizard.
  7. After searching for the network, the machine will display a list of available Network Names known as SSIDs.
  8. When this list appears, press the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys in order to choose the SSID of your wireless router and tap “OK”.
  9. Now do one of the following:
  • If you are using an authentication and encryption method that involves entering your Password:
    1. Enter the Password in the given field.
    2. Tap “OK” to apply your settings.
    3. Chose the “Yes” option to complete the process.
  • If you choose “Open System”for the completion of the authentication process and your encryption mode is “None”, then go to the next step.
  1. The printer will try to connect automatically to the wireless network that you have selected.

If your Brother Printer has been connected successfully, then the Machine’s LCD will display “connected” on the screen or the machine will print a wireless connection report if the connection failed.

Check the error code on the printed report and seek assistance to remove this error by contacting Brother Printer Customer Service Number.

Download and install your Brother Printer’s software

After setting up your Brother Printer, you must install the driver. To do so:

  • Windows users can go to the “Downloads”section available on the official website and download the “Full Driver & Software Package”. After that, go through the installation instructions on the download page and follow the prompts.
  • Mac users can also go to the “Downloads”section which is there on the official website and download the “Full Driver & Software Package”. After that, go through the installation instructions on the download page and follow the prompts.

To conclude-

If you are setting up your Brother printer for the first time and you come across with any issue while performing this task, you must seek technical assistance to resolve it. Brother Printer Support can be availed by dialling the number given on the home page of this website.

How to fix Brother Printer won’t recognize new cartridge error?

Have you ever tried to install a new Cartridge into your Brother Printer and you get a message saying that the new cartridge cannot be detected?

This usually happens in two cases; if the ink cartridge has been replaced before the printer prompts you to do so or you might have replaced the cartridge when the printer was not switched ON.

Brother Printer won't recognize new cartridge error

The probable reason why your brother printer won’t recognize the new cartridge could be the presence of jammed float in the ink level window. This float refers to a small float present in the ink cartridges that sits on the top of the ink. This is a very common problem with various brands of printers and usually, there is a solution to every Brother Printer problem. It is not always that ink cartridge could be held responsible for the occurrence of this error but there can be other reasons too.

What to do when your Brother Printer won’t recognize the new cartridge?

When this situation arises, there are several things you can check for; was your Brother Printer turned OFF while you were installing the cartridges? It is recommended to turn ON the printer for installing cartridges in it.

Another thing to check for is the infrared beam that is used to detect the ink level is not blocked in any way because of the presence of dust or debris. Even if you have bought the new printer the chances are that you may face this error and it simply won’t read the correct ink levels.

One more reason could be the presence of faulty microchips on the cartridge. In this case, you can remove the faulty cartridges and clean the printer terminals. Also, check that the cartridge is placed correctly or not.

Sometimes you may need to turn the printer OFF, unplug it, and leave it powered OFF for about 10-15 minutes. This will make the printer to detect the cartridges again and check their ink levels.

If the cartridge is still not recognized even on the latest model of Brother Printer, and you have tried everything that was under your control, you can go for a new cartridge or dial Brother Printer Support Number for assistance.

To conclude-

Although it is impossible to completely overcome these issues, you can still help yourself by buying original cartridges sold by reliable merchants or shop directly from Brother Stores. If you face any other issues regarding your Brother Products, feel free to get in touch with customer support executives who will provide you with deep insight into different printer related errors along with the solutions to resolve them.

How to clean the Brother Printer Paper Pick-up Roller?

Brother Printer Paper

Brother Printer Paper – For providing excellent printing with several advanced features, Brother Printers have established a reputed name among the computer users. Available in a variety of types and models, Brother Printers give its customers the complete freedom to pick a machine according to their specific printing requirements.

Brother Printer Paper

To ensure smooth printing and high-quality prints, you need to make sure that all the components of your Brother printer are clean and working properly. (For any fault or error, it is recommended to contact the Brother printer support team immediately) The same implies to the printer’s paper pick-up roller. That’s because if the paper pick-up roller have dirt accumulated on it or it is stained then the printer may not feed paper for printing.

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The obvious solution to this problem is to clean the paper pick-up roller following the below-given instructions:

  1. Turn off your Brother printer and unplug the power cord as well as the interface cable from the socket
  2. Pull out the paper tray from the Brother printer
  3. Get some lukewarm water and dampen a clean soft cloth in it
  4. Wipe the separator pad in the paper tray carefully
  5. Just inside the printer, you will see two paper-pickup rollers. Wipe them too.
  6. Let the rollers as well as the separator pad dry
  7. Now, place the paper tray back to the printer without making any mistake
  8. While keeping the power switch turned off, connect the power cord as well as the interface cable back to the printer
  9. Turn on the printer
  10. Give a test print command to check the quality of the prints
  11. Do this cleaning at regular intervals to avoid any problem in the printing .

If you face any other issue while printing, then connecting to the Brother support team is a great solution. Hope the article was informative!

Why to use Brother GTX for the garment printing?

Brother Printer was introduced with Direct To Garment (DTG), GTX, and GT-3 garment printing. The Brother GTX is considered to be lifting up the traditional DTG printing to the next level. It is very easy to handle and maintain, GTX has the fast print speeds, latest print heads, and vibrant color brightness with the high-resolution prints.

Brother GTX

The GT-3 printer contains the powerful tools to help you out in boosting up the business. The latest Brother printer has come up with the new advanced features, with more flexibility, and more aptnesses in printing and decorating tricks..

In this article learn about the Brother GTX and why you should choose it over others in the garment printing.

Some of the outstanding features of Brother GTX which urges you to go to rely on it are as follows-

  1. Printing speed is high

As you are aware, the more swift you’re in bringing the latest trends to market, the more your business will rise. The Brother GTX understands your need and thus enables you with the fast printing speed.

  1. Print with the accuracy

The printing resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi which will merge up with the cutting edge Innobella ink, the designs will include the entire color spectrum, and the small details will be kept in mind for the clarity purposes.

  1. Print in a single pass

Behind the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Key) channels, the white ink channels are piled up, which makes any printing in a single pass.

If you face any issues while using Brother GTX garment printing then don’t hesitate to call Brother Printer Help number to get assistance from the technicians.

  1. Printing size is large

Among the other Brother DTG Printer, the GTX has the largest print area, with the maximum print size of 16” x 21” which makes the printing bigger and bolder as compare to other printers. Extreme thick items are no more any issue with the adjustable platen height system.

  1. Able to print on anything

If you were thinking that Brother GTX is simply for T-shirt printing then you’re wrong. The big gap between the print head and the substrate (or cassette), which let you print anything from zippers, top of the pockets, and many other such items, beyond your imagination.

For more information in Brother GTX, contact Brother Support number.

Why to choose Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer?

Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer (all-in-one) comes with the duplex printing and wireless networking. It is the first choice for all home or small offices purposes that need a multifunction printer.

Brother Printer is easy and convenient to use, allows professional quality printing, and the wireless connectivity with mobile phones and the tablets for print out. It has a compact size and thus saves space.

Compact Laser Printer

It is build up with the wireless and ethernet network interfaces that can be shared with more than one users on your network or connect with the single system through USB interfaces. The mobile connection types, which helps you to print from the email attachments as well as from the particular cloud sites like Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, and Brother’s iPrint and scan.

Other than the printer and scanner, Brother Monochrome Compact Laser Printer has Nuance PaperPort 14SE software which helps in pairing up the renewal of the famous PaperPort document management and archiving program which helps in scanning files and PDFs, MS-Office, and other useful format files.

If you face any issues while installing or handling Brother Printer or any of its models then feel to call Brother Printer Technical Support number.

Some of the brilliant features of Brother  Monochrome Compact Laser Printer (MFC-L2710DW):-

  • Prints quietly

The Brother Printer models within the same range prints quietly with less than 50dB making noise, making it perfect for business purpose as it will print quietly at full speed while you are working on desks.

  • Durability

The Brother Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer all-in-one model like any other Brother models is durable. It is made up of hard –wearing material that gives an assurance that it will keep working for a long period of time.

  • Eco-friendly

Brother Printer has a mono-laser range, which is quite cooperative with a number of environmental standards like German Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, and Energy Star. Thus it helps you in your business work, energy-saving, low impact on the environment, and cheap price.

For more information on Brother Printer or any of its models, call Brother Support number.

Is Google Cloud print not displaying your Brother printer in the list? Fix it!

With the shift in reliability factors, users choose to use cloud-based storage over external storage devices. It has made it easier to recover the data, which was not possible with a hard drive. Additionally, performing other tasks using a mobile phone has become easier. Considering an example of taking prints from Google cloud print storage, you can take out prints with the supported printer.

Google Cloud print

Another essential point is, the printer must have the feature of connecting to the internet and wireless connections. Among the list of printers, Brother Printer is the one that offers an array of features. Yet the printing machines sometimes not work, as it needs to do while in other case, Google fails to detect the connected printer in the printer list.

There are possible causes that can lead Google Cloud Print to stop functioning or linking with Brother Printer. Here are the reasons for the problem:

  • Your Brother printer is not connected to a network or the connection is weak
  • Your Brother Printer setting or configuration is not compatible with the Google Cloud Print function.
  • Your Google account information is not registered to your Brother printer

Fix the mentioned problems to find the printer in the list or connect to Brother Support and get the fix. You can also choose to troubleshoot the error by executing the steps as below.

Check the Google Cloud Print function on your Brother machine and enable it:
Confirm that the machine is connected to the same network as the computer or mobile device.

  1. Open a web browser on the device you want to command print
  2. Enter your machine’s IP address into your browser’s search files
  3. Confirm the web browser displays the following message
  4. If screen (A) appears
  • Select Network
  • Select Protocol
  1. If the device shows- Google Cloud Print message, the Cloud Print function is available on your Brother printer and register your Google account with the machine

As you register the printer on your Google account, you will find your Brother Printer model in the list when you command to execute a print. If you still do not find the name in the list, go with Brother Support for assured solutions of this issue.

A brief introduction to the automatic email printing in Brother Printers

Brother printers have gained immense popularity among the computer users. A variety of printer models available under Brother printer category comes up with diverse specifications and features. One such feature is automatic email printing, which is a part of some specific Brother printer models. As the name justifies, this feature is used to download an email automatically and print it automatically.

automatic email printing

There is a set of instructions by following which you can enable this feature. Once enabled, the next step is to specify either the particular sender name or the subject of the email that you want to get printed automatically. Here are the other details of this exceptional Brother printer feature:

(Please note that if you have already used this feature and stuck somewhere due to the occurrence of an error, kindly contact Brother printer customer service number to receive an immediate resolution by an expert.)

  1. Auto access at the chosen time

With this exciting auto-printing feature, you can keep an eye on the incoming emails just by accessing the server at the time you have specified.

  1. Locate the email by the name of the sender or subject of the email and start printing automatically

Yes, you read that right! As soon as you receive an email from a particular sender or with a specific subject that you have already fed in your Brother printer, the printing operation will start automatically. In other words, to print that particular email, the printer doesn’t even need a human’s intervention.

  1. Multiple users can access a single PC

Sharing particular email software by multiple users is not a child’s play. However, with this auto email printing feature, several users can work on a single PC for accessing the email software. The feature further supports multi-users to let the people make the most of their printer.

  1. Can run your current email software

While using the automatic email printing feature in your Brother machine, you can easily operate other email software such as your Microsoft Internet Mail.

For further information or queries related to the auto email printing feature, contact Brother support team.

How to fix Brother Printer printing jam or paper jam?

Have you recently purchased Brother Printer and trying to print any document? Even after installing it properly with your system if you’re facing some common glitches such as printing jam or paper jam in your Brother Printer, then you need to follow some common troubleshooting steps like the ones given below. First, you need to take out the jammed paper to know where it got jammed in the machine.

printing jam

Note– If you have any questions or concerns about the Brother Printer printing jam or paper jam then don’t hesitate to call Brother Printer Support team to get assistance help from the experts.

Check out the steps as given below to fix Brother Printer’s printing jam or paper jam are-

  1. You need to remove the machine plug from the power socket.
  2. Check whether the paper support flag is open or close. Close in case it’s open and even close the paper support.
  3. Pull out the tray completely from the Brother Printer.
  4. You need to remove the two green levers inside the Brother Printer to release the jammed paper.
  5. Pull out the jammed paper, as it has been instructed.
  6. You need to lift the ‘Jam Clear Flap’ and remove the jammed paper.
  7. Open the ‘Jam Clear Flap’ from the back of the Printer.
  8. Pull out the jammed paper from the Printer.
  9. Close the ‘Jam Clear Flap’ of the Brother Printer.
  10. Using the plastic tabs from both the sides of the Printer to lift the scanner cover to open it.
  11. Move the Brother Printer print head to take out the remaining paper inside the Printer.
  12. Using the plastic tabs from both the sides of the Printer to lift the scanner cover to close it.
  13. Plug the two green levers back to the original positions.
  14. Push the paper tray back into the machine.
  15. While holding the paper tray in place pull out the paper support until it clicks and unfolds the paper support flap.
  16. Reconnect the power cord.
  17. Select to print, to test whether the error got solved or not.

Note– If you face any issues while going through these steps then contact Brother Printer Support Phone Number to get assistance for the same.