Brother Printer Not Printing

Printers can give you severe headaches if you don’t know how to get rid of different issues that can make your brother printer not printing anything at all or any other issue.

Brother-Printer-not-PrintingWhy is Brother Printer Not Printing Black?

Brother Printer not printing is a common issue that may appear for quite a number of known and unknown reasons. The majority of vulnerabilities responsible for this issue relate to the wrong stuffing of papers in the paper tray and documents that are stuck in memory lock, or disabled Printer drivers and software inside your computer. It can make your Brother Printing not printing color or Brother Printer not printing anything at all.

Brother Printer not printing black is an issue that may appear due to the empty black ink cartridge. Printers are generally used to print documents and black ink is the primary color to print documents. Due to which you need to have a large stock of black ink to prevent such issues. You need to refill the black ink cartridge when it’s dried of all the ink.

How do I get my Brother Printer to Print?

The solution is quite simple if you want to know how to fix Brother Printer that won’t print. You can cancel all the printing tasks and make sure nothing remains in the list of documents that you want to print. Restart your Brother Printer and clear out everything that will usually resolve the printing issue. The last thing you should look into is the paper tray and make sure no paper jammed in the carriage.

If your Brother Printing not Printing properly after implying the above solutions, make sure to discuss the issue with Brother Printer Support for technical help.

Or, you can perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Check the status of your Brother machine
  • Check the connection of your Brother machine and the computer
  • Brother printer driver settings can also be checked
  • Try printing from another application
  • Restart your Brother machine and the computer
  • Reinstall the printer driver
  • Make sure that the Device Manager recognizes your Brother machine (only for Windows Users)

Why does my Brother printer print out blank pages?

Out of so many technical issues you may suffer from Brother Printer Printing blank pages are ridiculously the most unthinkable for a printer. The problem may surface due to 3 basic reasons that are very common with any printer. The ink cartridge inside the printer might not be installed properly, or there might not have enough ink to print a document. The lack of ink in cartridges may result in Brother Printing not printing ink on paper.

 Aside from cartridge issues, the printer might have scanning issues or reading issues that can make printer not to read the document.

The solution is quite simple. All you need is to ensure that Ink cartridges are installed properly with enough ink to print documents all day. Just remove the cartridge gently and place it again after shaking it gently to line up the ink flow. You can reinstall printer drivers and check the scanner to make sure there are no technical issues.

Why is Brother Wireless Printer not printing?

Frequently, a lost connection between your computer and Brother Printer is the primary reason for the emergence of the issue. This might happen due to wrong settings or configurations of the printer software and drivers.

  1. You need to first restart your printer and wireless router, if possible your computer too.
  2. Make sure you have the correct password for your printer
  3. Try using WPS key to reestablish connection if your printer and router have a WPS key                   

You can try uninstalling printer drivers that you already have in active mode and reinstall the latest versions of printer drivers available in the “Downloads” section of the Brother Solutions Center.

Make sure to connect with Wi-Fi and check printer IP address on router page. If your IP address is presentable, come back to your computer and navigate to control panel > Printers and devices > Add Devices. Just enter your printer model and name to connect your device with the computer and network. This might help you resolve the issue if the wireless brother printer not printing.

Brother Printer connected to Wi-Fi but not printing

It might happen due to common wireless connectivity hindrances between Windows 10 and Brother Printer. If your Brother Printer not printing with Windows 10, then follow the steps to check the connectivity status.

  1. To resolve the issue, make sure to see if your screen is showing any error messages such as “Brother Printer connected but not printing”
  2. Also, make sure to check the printer is online or not by following the steps:
    • Note: the steps may differ from the type of Operating system.
      • Go to the start menu
      • Go to Printers and devices
      • Right-click on the printer icon and choose “Use Printer Online” from the menu
      • If the problem still persists, try reinstalling the printer drivers
  3. Make sure to choose the latest version of printer drivers with “Set as default”

Follow the steps to “set as default” on Windows PC

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Go to Printers and Devices
  3. Right click on Printer icon and choose “set as default printer” from the menu. Now, you can print using it for the next time.

Brother printer not printing on Mac, then you must follow the steps to set the printer as default printer:

  1. Click the Apple icon and enter the “system preferences”
  2. Go to the Print & Fax or Print & scan icon. The Print & Fax or Print & scan Windows will pop-up
  3. Choose the desired printer you want to set as default printer from the drop-down list in the default printer.
  4. The desired printer is set as default printer. You can print by using it from the next time

Brother printer set to double sided not showing when printing

Brother Printer not printing double sided is a common issue that may happen due to wrong paper settings.

If your printer does not support automatic duplex printing, you can print all of the pages that appear on one side of the paper and then, after you are prompted, turn the stack over and feed the pages into the printer again. … Under Settings, click Print One Sided, and then click Manually Print on Both Sides.

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