How to clean the Brother Printer Paper Pick-up Roller?

Brother Printer Paper – For providing excellent printing with several advanced features, Brother Printers have established a reputed name among the computer users. Available in a variety of types and models, Brother Printers give its customers the complete freedom to pick a machine according to their specific printing requirements.

Brother Printer Paper

To ensure smooth printing and high-quality prints, you need to make sure that all the components of your Brother printer are clean and working properly. (For any fault or error, it is recommended to contact the Brother printer support team immediately) The same implies to the printer’s paper pick-up roller. That’s because if the paper pick-up roller has dirt accumulated on it or it is stained then the printer may not feed paper for printing.

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The obvious solution to this problem is to clean the paper pick-up roller following the below-given instructions:

  1. Turn off your Brother printer and unplug the power cord as well as the interface cable from the socket
  2. Pull out the paper tray from the Brother printer
  3. Get some lukewarm water and dampen a clean soft cloth in it
  4. Wipe the separator pad in the paper tray carefully
  5. Just inside the printer, you will see two paper-pickup rollers. Wipe them too.
  6. Let the rollers as well as the separator pad dry
  7. Now, place the paper tray back to the printer without making any mistake
  8. While keeping the power switch turned off, connect the power cord as well as the interface cable back to the printer
  9. Turn on the printer
  10. Give a test print command to check the quality of the prints
  11. Do this cleaning at regular intervals to avoid any problem in the printing.

If you face any other issue while printing, then connecting to the Brother support team is a great solution. I hope the article was informative!

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