How to fix Brother Printer won’t recognize new cartridge error?

Have you ever tried to install a new Cartridge into your Brother Printer and you get a message saying that the new cartridge cannot be detected?

This usually happens in two cases; if the ink cartridge has been replaced before the printer prompts you to do so or you might have replaced the cartridge when the printer was not switched ON.

Brother Printer won't recognize new cartridge error

The probable reason why your brother printer won’t recognize the new cartridge could be the presence of jammed float in the ink level window. This float refers to a small float present in the ink cartridges that sits on the top of the ink. This is a very common problem with various brands of printers and usually, there is a solution to every Brother Printer problem. It is not always that ink cartridge could be held responsible for the occurrence of this error but there can be other reasons too.

What to do when your Brother Printer won’t recognize the new cartridge?

When this situation arises, there are several things you can check for; was your Brother Printer turned OFF while you were installing the cartridges? It is recommended to turn ON the printer for installing cartridges in it.

Another thing to check for is the infrared beam that is used to detect the ink level is not blocked in any way because of the presence of dust or debris. Even if you have bought the new printer the chances are that you may face this error and it simply won’t read the correct ink levels.

One more reason could be the presence of faulty microchips on the cartridge. In this case, you can remove the faulty cartridges and clean the printer terminals. Also, check that the cartridge is placed correctly or not.

Sometimes you may need to turn the printer OFF, unplug it, and leave it powered OFF for about 10-15 minutes. This will make the printer to detect the cartridges again and check their ink levels.

If the cartridge is still not recognized even on the latest model of Brother Printer, and you have tried everything that was under your control, you can go for a new cartridge or dial Brother Printer Support Number for assistance.

To conclude-

Although it is impossible to completely overcome these issues, you can still help yourself by buying original cartridges sold by reliable merchants or shop directly from Brother Stores. If you face any other issues regarding your Brother Products, feel free to get in touch with customer support executives who will provide you with deep insight into different printer related errors along with the solutions to resolve them.

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