Is Google Cloud print not displaying your Brother printer in the list? Fix it!

With the shift in reliability factors, users choose to use cloud-based storage over external storage devices. It has made it easier to recover the data, which was not possible with a hard drive. Additionally, performing other tasks using a mobile phone has become easier. Considering an example of taking prints from Google cloud print storage, you can take out prints with the supported printer.

Google Cloud print

Another essential point is, the printer must have the feature of connecting to the internet and wireless connections. Among the list of printers, Brother Printer is the one that offers an array of features. Yet the printing machines sometimes not work, as it needs to do while in other cases, Google fails to detect the connected printer in the printer list.

There are possible causes that can lead Google Cloud Print to stop functioning or linking with Brother Printer. Here are the reasons for the problem:

  • Your Brother printer is not connected to a network or the connection is weak
  • Your Brother Printer setting or configuration is not compatible with the Google Cloud Print function.
  • Again Your Google account information is not registered to your Brother printer

Fix the mentioned problems to find the printer in the list or connect to Brother Support and get the fix. You can also choose to troubleshoot the error by executing the steps below.

Check the Google Cloud Print function on your Brother machine and enable it:

Confirm that the machine is connected to the same network as the computer or mobile device.

  1. Open a web browser on the device you want to command print
  2. Enter your machine’s IP address into your browser’s search files
  3. Confirm the web browser displays the following message
  4. If screen (A) appears
  • Select Network
  • Select Protocol
  1. If the device shows- Google Cloud Print message, the Cloud Print function is available on your Brother printer and register your Google account with the machine
  • If any problem occurs during the registration, get in touch with brother printer customer service for further assistance

As you register the printer on your Google account, you will find your Brother Printer model in the list when you command to execute a print. If you still do not find the name on the list, go with Brother Support for assured solutions to this issue.

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