How to print envelopes on Brother MFC Printer?

The space-saving and desk-friendly Brother Printers can not only be used to print paper but also envelopes, thick-papers, and labels. With these printers, you can achieve high-quality prints that too at an affordable price. Brother Printers have been known in the printing industry since long. This is the reason why people love it for taking the hard copies of their textual or graphical material.

Print envelopes on Brother MFC Printer

Before you print please make sure:

  • The side of the envelope on which you want to print should be facing upwards.
  • To pull the envelope out completely you need to load it into the manual feed slot once again.
  • One should not put more than one envelope in the manual feed slot at one time. It may result in the paper jamming issue.
  • Make sure that the envelope is straight.
  • Also, it is in the correct position on the manual feed slot.

Steps to print envelopes on Brother MFC J280W Printer

(These steps can also be used to print on other Brother Printer models such as MFC j435W, MFC-j5830DW and hl-2270dw)

  1. First of all, you have to open the back cover of your printing machine. (The “Manual Feed” mode will be turned on automatically whenever you load the paper in the manual feed slot).
  2. Now, you have to pull down two levers which are of green color. Both should be pulled in the opposite direction i.e., left and right.
  3. Open the manual feed slot cover from the front side of the Brother Printer.
  4. After this, using your hands you have to adjust the manual feed guides. This should be done until it becomes of the size of the envelope you are using to print upon.
  5. It’s time to put the envelope in the slot.
  6. When you feel that the printer is taking in the paper, let it go.
  7. After it goes in, choose the exact “size” of the envelope along with the “Media Type”, and “Paper Source” from the application.
  8. Now you can send the “Print” command to the machine and shut the back cover of the printer.
  9. Once you hit this option, your envelope will be printed and come out of the machine.

You can also use this method to print thick-papers as well as labels. For information about Brother Printer or to fix Brother Printer offline error, you can connect to the executives of Brother Printer Customer Support.

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